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From the minute you are diagnosed with cancer, life changes. You may experience a complex range of mixed emotions, ranging from fear, to anger, to disbelief. It is difficult to know how to even begin to process the news. Although you are about to embark upon a difficult journey, drawing strength from the support of loved ones, friends and trusted medical professionals makes the road a little easier.

Remember: you are strong and resilient, and you are not alone.




We believe that our patients deserve personalised, holistic treatment and we endeavour to bring you quality treatment at more affordable rates.

Please see our informed consent form for payment details.


Medical Aids

We deal directly with most Medical Aids for your convenience.

Please note :

  • We charge rates accepted by most medical aids. There are certain treatment options that are not covered by all Medical Aids. Please make sure to check what your Medical Aid will pay before entering into treatment. Speak to our admin staff about this after your oncology consultation.
  • Our Accounts Department can assist you to a certain extent, but the onus is on the person responsible for the account to follow up with their Medical Aid. It is up to you to get authorisation from your medical aid and send it through to us before commencing with treatment.
  • The Person responsible for the account remains liable for any amount not covered by the medical aid.
  • Medical Aid information provided on the site may change without prior notice.
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We are here to assist you in your battle against cancer.