When diagnosed with cancer, it is an overwelming prospect to face. We strive to walk beside you every step of your journey.
Explore our website and follow the guidelines in scheduling your appointment and managing your treatment. Read about the side effects and emotions you might endure.
At Curo Oncology we have highly qualified personnel to assist you when receiving your treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Curo Oncology offer a relaxed, clean and soothing environment for your consultations and treatments.
Curo Oncology takes a holistic approach to cancer treatments. We understand the importance of your diagnosis and the effects it can have on your mind, body and soul.




Curo Oncology specialises in Clinical and Radiation Oncology

Curo Oncology has a Holistic approach towards cancer treatments and we are continually striving to achieve our core purpose of excellence in the provision of comprehensive care. Patients can be assured that our treatments are in line with the best available anywhere in the world.

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We are here to assist you in your battle against cancer.